by Alex Aliferis

Technology was sold to us like a used car salesman who sells lemons to the public.

Wasn’t technology supposed to make our lives simple? Wasn’t online dating supposed to create more married couples? Has it been one big lie? What is your experience with online dating?


I think I can say with confidence that online dating has become a big disappointment. I know countless friends who failed with online dating. Many will end up lonely in their old age with no one to love.

What happened? Where did it go wrong?

Online dating replaced the old-fashioned ways to find a mate. These old-fashioned ways began with face-to-face interaction. People spoke to each other. Chemistry and love came next. Women and men attended church and community events. There were Friday and Saturday night dances across halls across the USA. Live bands played music as men and women interacted in their communities.

Across Europe, families arranged marriages. A man would approach a woman’s family to ask for her hand in marriage. The family involvement in dating and marriage was very strong. This does not happen anymore within Europe. It exists in Asia.

One will find numerous old photos of dance halls across America.

Parents helped their teenage sons or daughters meet potential mates in the community or church. Today, the parents have stopped helping their teenage sons or daughters meet potential mates in the community.

Technology filled that void that live events and parents filled.

The family was crucial for people to meet a potential mate to marry and create a family. Of course, there were those who never married. In our modern society, there will be more single people who will die lonely. Marriage and the family was a way for the generations to help each other. There was love for each other.

Online dating has been in existence for 20 years now. By 1998, the World Wide Web was in full swing. People communicated on message boards. The first online dating sites were created to make money. People thought that they could meet more potential mates that way than meeting someone in their own church, town, or community event. People dated after exchanging messages on these message boards. Long-distance online distance relationships were created, which came from a virtual reality of lies. Many of these relationships never survived.

An added problem with today’s with online dating websites is that so many of their profiles are fake. The online dating company creates fake online profiles to gain business, which led to an FTC investigation. Today’s online dating is a money operation with fake profiles. To attract new business, these fake online dating websites must have lots of fake profiles. These fake profiles create messages to fool users. It is the biggest scam.

After being lured in by the fake profiles, the person will purchase a monthly membership for something like $20 or $30 per month. The person then sees the real profiles and goes on a few failed dates with the people behind those accounts, then cancels the membership for a better website. Online dating sites lure the next sucker to squeeze $60 or more from him or her.

The online dating world replaced high-quality face-to-face interactions with an inferior way to find a mate. Now, these online dating sites are accessible by an app on your phone. The phones are leading people not to interact with people outside of their phone. Their faces are glued to these phones. It is a sad situation for humanity.

In nations like Japan, men have virtual reality girlfriends or pornography. Many men don’t date or marry in Japan. The same is happening across East Asia. The situation is dire for men.

Online dating is a joke.

Alex Aliferis writes blog articles on affairs in Greece. He has worked in both domestic and international politics.

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