The endgame of our current trajectory: All human relationships will be machine mediated.

Do humans need each other in close proximity? Or is it freedom to be dependent only the machines, or more accurately, the distant, unseen technologists who make them?

Perhaps they think the machines will treat them better than their fellow humans. It is the makers of these machines they cannot see.

People do not trust each other, but they do tend to trust machines, forgetting that other people above them have programmed the machines in ways that fit their own interests.

Do people prefer the coolness and freezing cold of machine sterility to the warmth and red-hot heat of real communities? The “cool” gets associated with “coolness” and hence takes precedence. Machine mechanization is thus given an unwarranted foothold inside living, breathing people.

It is not consciousness only, but self-aware consciousness, that makes humans special. It is the “I” that self-reflects, and that knows it is self-reflecting.

Posthumanism, today the mainstream view in the fields of technology and neuroscience, commits erasure against the importance of the “I” and the “we,” and only the “you” remains. The “you” is something that can be acted upon but cannot act. It is a receptor of passive machine mediated experiences.

This means that intentionality, an important part of self-awareness, goes away too as irrelevant. Only the object-human is recognized, not the human being as a self-aware initiator of action.

This will further widen the already very large power differential.

A few people writing about technology are writing from a human perspective, most are writing from a machine perspective. Those in the latter category, including technologists and neuroscientists themselves, like to think of human beings as mysteriously conscious arrangements of particles that can experience things. Emotions like love are merely rules of thumb to them. They do not see their fellow man as a relevant “I” that is, like them, a self-aware human agent.

The machines will negate the “I” for all but a select few.

Is it enough to be comfortable and entertained? Isn’t that already like turning people into human zoo animals?

Subjectivity is irrelevant. Everyone is heretofore to be treated as an object.

Even flatlanders deserve better treatment than what they are now getting. Don’t be evil.

The machine-makers rationalize what they are doing by denying free will, but then they go on to talk about their own work, lives, and decisions, as if they were human agents. Subjectivity is heretofore deleted, except in themselves. Posthumanity is only for their people-objects, not for them.

They can’t claim agency for themselves and deny it to the rest of humanity, and still be who they think they are. They can’t have it both ways and still claim to be rational.

The consequences of machine hypermediation